Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! 2020

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! 2020

This year has been a tough one on all of us. We need a little Christmas to brighten our days and here’s to knowing that 2021 will be a better one. “Believe it and see it!”

Writing blogs this year especially after the lock down became harder. I think because of the amount of stress I was under. Financially, family and friend relationships and just being able to go out shop and see movies and other group sports and entertainment. I had family friends pass away and many put on the front lines fighting against the virus. Many of the things I couldn’t control but I could tell was sucking away at my creative process as my blogs became fewer through the year. For the sake of making progress, I took a step back and focused on my mental and physical health. Journaling was most helpful and meditation as well.  I’m feeling my batteries recharged and ready to take on 2021.

My favorite memory from this year though few and far between – probably camping with my folks on the beach. It was fun. Though just a small get to together still fun.

What was your favorite memory this year? Pick a simple one. One that really made you feel good.

Keep kicking and smiling! -TJ Banski

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