Happy New Year! 2020!

Happy New Year! 2020!

Make this decade your decade to go for your dreams!

So 2019 started out rough but ended on a good note. This year I know will be better. Venture in the unknown of a new job, new experiences and meeting tons of new people. That being said I only met two of my goals from last year. Am I discouraged? A little but that’s when it’s a good time to kick into another level of motivation. Take my editing in chunks at a time not in one go. I think I was wanting to edit in one sitting. Oiy, too much pressure! 2) Sending out letter to publishers can get redundant, so I am looking into other options to get my work published and what the best route for me would be. 3) When the timing is right the cover art will come. So on repeat here are my goals for this year.

  • Edit like a mofo! Take it a chapter at a time and not all at once.
  • Find an artist to do my book cover
  • Reach 50k followers on my social medias combined.
  • Go on more adventures

What are some of your goals for 2020? What did you learn from last year that you can apply to your goals for this new year?

 Keep kicking and smiling! -TJ Banski

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