All over the news and radio, updates about the Coronavirus. Latest developments as I write out this blog on March 5th there have been nine deaths in Washington state. I live just south of a quarantine zone. A little freaked out to go outside and go shopping. Many of the local stores are cleared out of supplies and many have put a limitation on how much water each customer can buy. I feel it’s a wee bit blow out of proportion. It doesn’t help that the media blow things out of proportion or takes things out of context and then well we get a lot of people who believe everything they see. It’s best to be informed but not inundated. As soon as I heard about the outbreak here in the pacific northwest I began reading articles mainly from the department of health and what to look out for. Here are some ways to stay healthy regardless of what other illnesses are out there:

Preventative measures to always do!

  • Wash your hands! Anytime you touch a door handle. Prepare food, clean up messes. Have hand sanitizer nearby for sure but always wash your hands thoroughly for 30 seconds. Or as long as you sing the ABC’s or Mary had a little lamb.
  • Wipe down everything! Before using equipment and after, wipe it down. This could be as simple as a pen. This could feel a little overdone but it doesn’t hurt to wipe it down after to the spread of germs.
  • Avoid super crowded areas: especially with the coronavirus or any really bad illness if you are ill, avoid large gatherings of people. Stay home and get better.
  • Sanitize your phone- your phone carries a lot of germs, whatever you touch before and after-touch your phone germ get back to you one way your another.
  • Social distancing- avoid handshakes or fist bumps, sit a good distance away from people in social gatherings and be mindful of your space and boundaries. Especially if you know someone where may have had symptoms or otherwise avoid altogether. This one is hard for me I like hugs and if it’s a good friend, hugs all around.
  • Exercise: Keeping your body fit and blood flowing is the best way to drive away sickness.
  • Drink plenty of fluids: lots of water, electrolytes, and tea!
  • Relax and destress yourself: Meditate, work on breathing deep and relaxing your body.
  • Eat well-balanced meals- with plenty of fruits, veggies, and proteins. Keto diet is a great diet for this and limiting portions.

When feeling sick: Feeling queasy, feverish, lightheaded? Stay home!

  • Wear a surgical mask
  • Wear gloves or limit touching things
  • Wash your hands!
  • When you sneeze or cough, sneeze or cough into your shoulder or shirt.
  • Last stay home
  • When you have a fever definitely stay home.

After being sick:

  • Change out your toothbrush/ sanitize it
  • Clean your sheets
  • Air out your home
  • Sanitize EVERYTHING: light switches, door handles, faucet handles, counters, computer keyboards and mouses, phones and don’t forget writing utensils.

I hope these tips were helpful. Check out the CDC website for more preventative measures, symptoms and other interesting facts.

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Keep kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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