How to Keep your New Years Resolutions

How to Keep your New Years Resolutions

Happy New years!

New years even can be a bit deal for alot of people and cultures. A day to announce to yourself, the world who ever, that you are going to meet your goal that you set out for yourself. Then after a few months you get back into old habits and don’t do it.  How to keep motivated about your goal and stick to it.  

1: Write it down: What is your goal? Lose weight, obtain a healthier lifestyle, make more friends, start a business, write everyday, get a new job? Why? I tell you knowing the why really is the kicker can carry you through tough days feel unmotivated. Remember the why you started!

2: Display it: Tape it up somewhere where you can see it everyday. Use it as the background of your phone or hang it on the mirror, the shower, night stand. Just somewhere you will see it throughout your day. Have it be the first think you think of in the day and last thing you think of before you go to bed. 

3 Visualize it daily: visualize your goal as if you have achieved it. Relish in that feeling! Feels good!

4: Make time for it daily: Schedule it in 20 minutes to an hour a day. When you are really 100% committed your goal, time will happen for you to make it happen. Everything in moderation. If you do too much of it you will get burned out and too little, there is not enough progress. Find a good nitch and stick with it.

5: Keep a daily log: What did you do? Did it work? If not, why? Its another result. Change your approach and go for it again and get a different result. Mark off your progress on a calendar, planner or chart.

6: Do a weekly update, post your progress so you and others can see how far you have come. Not only will it motivate you to keep going, it can inspire others to do the same.

7: Reward yourself forever milestone: No matter how small. Worked out for 3 days of the 7, lost 10 lbs. Wrote a chapter in a week. Ran a whole mile without stopping.  Celebrate, even the small achievements! Do something fun with friends or family or treat just you to a spa day, a movie, special foods or some down time.

You got this! Its a full year, even if you get a set back, every day is a new day! Passion leads to achieving your goals!

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