I Will Get Back Up Again

I Will Get Back Up Again

A common question I see happening when reaching for goals, in general, is: what if I fail or what if I get knocked down?

Life will always find a way to knock you down and your spirit, your will, and belief in yourself is really the only thing standing against it. What do you do when you get knocked down? You get back up.

I fell off the wagon midway through the last year 2020 with blog posts and social networking. I was worried, I was fearful and I doubted my talents. All these feelings blocked my creative flow and in turn, I stopped producing posts. Some months there were no posts at all. I had to really take a deep look at why I feeling and realize it was because I was uncertain. Afraid to succeed.

Love this song!

When things don’t go a certain way I found bobbing and weaving is the best way to counter what life throws at you. If my creative flow wasn’t there I would do some research, I would go for a walk, or try a new recipe. Doing something new always jolt that creative flow and I got back into writing. For this instant, I journaled every day as I do. Words, then sentences and paragraphs until I felt comfortable to do an actual post. For this post, I felt I should be real with my readers. It isn’t always easy when you do get knocked down.

Sometimes it takes longer to get back up. Shake it off, adjust and stretch and get back up. I know this won’t be the last time I feel like that and most certainly won’t be my last but I do know I have to keep my eye on the goal and keep going forward.

What to do if you get pulled off course from your goal?

Be aware: be aware you have been off course. The first thing you can do is realize where you are and start from there. Find your way to the goal that way or redirect to the course you set out for yourself. For example, your goal could be losing weight and you gain a pound or more over the holidays. What is one thing you can do to change and get back on course? It could be one simple thing as drinking more water or cutting out unhealthy foods. Be aware of what changes need to be done and make those changes one thing at a time.

Baby steps: I find myself getting caught in a sprint when I first get back up. I want to get things done and do several things to make them happen. This is great if you have your course of action to take but sometimes taking baby steps to get back up is good too. Doing a little something every day to improve on the skill you need to get to your goal is a good example.

Take massive action: once you have your bearings from taking a few baby steps, leap into action. What is something big you can accomplish today that will bring you closer to your goal? Going to the gym? Write a letter to an editor or publisher? Network with people who know your niche and learn from them? Start your own blog? Whatever action you need to take, do it. The biggest thing you can do is decide to do it and then your “how” will come too. 

Track your progress: Every week see how much progress you have made. How much closer are you to your weight lifting goal? Your ideal weight? How many publishers have you heard back from?

Rinse and repeat: once your figure out where you are at in your progress, find out what is working and what needs adjusting, and repeat steps 1-4 again.  Remember the masters of your craft did not become superstars overnight, it takes a lot of time and progress to get where they are.

Reminders: Love yourself as you get back on track. Don’t dwell in the past if you want to make your future brighter and lastly keep moving forward.

I hope your 2021 is a bigger and bright one!

Keep kicking and smiling- TJ Banski

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