Jumpy Nitro Coffee

Jumpy Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffee was one of the newer things I tried recently.

What is nitro coffee? Nitrogen infused coffee. Less acid than normal tasting coffee and lighter on the tongue. At least for me. Take a read about Nitro Coffee through the Home Grounds blog for more information.

My experience happened a few weeks ago. After having a cup of regular coffee, my roommate and I were window shopping downtown came upon a coffee shop with nitro coffee advertised. Curious, we tried it. The color was much lighter than normal coffee brews I had seen and the taste reminded me of a carbonated coffee drink. We added a bit of cream and sugar to our samples and it tasted better. I do tend to like sweeter beverages.

After we proceeded to wander in the out of shops not looking at anything in particular and I had a luring feeling something was following me. As I looked into what I thought was a window I glimpsed at my own reflection and jumped three feet straight up with a scream. Of course, this may have nothing to do with the two cups of coffee, well maybe. As we walked down next street a car started behind me and again I jumped and screamed. I shear feeling of being followed combined with seeing a ‘ghostly figure’ in the window and the sound of an engine, set my nerves on fire for the afternoon. I went and found a quiet spot and focused on my breathing. After about a half hour, I was fine.

“It’s the nitro coffee, huh?” my roommate asked.

“Or the two cups of coffee I had,” I replied.

“No more jumpy nitro coffee for you!” My roommate stated. We laughed and went about our day.

If you haven’t tried it, try it at least once. Here’s to new experiences! Let me know what you think about nitro coffee in the comment section down below!

Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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