Kick with the Smile: The Injury

Kick with the Smile: The Injury

You know feel of when a rubber band snaps against your skin and stretch of a ligament in the wrong direction? That’s what it felt like when my knee cap went side ways and landed on the ground in front of my taekwondo class. What a feeling of how time slowed down as I realized what had happened. I heard my heart slow for a moment and my breathe catch as I took a sharp breath in. What just happened?

It was a beautiful fall evening, I remember it clearly I had helped a teach a fighting form to a brand new student and now it was nearing the end of class and we were gathering for board breaking. I was six months away for going to my promotion for 2nd dan or my 2nd degree black belt. I was called up to practice my infamous flying side kick. I had been practicing all month in jumping over not only one student but three students, and breaking four boards. This technique I had done so many times I could do it in my sleep. My goal was to jump over three students, from the previous weeks I had jumped over two. I wanted to make it as flashy as possible. I got up, adjusted my martial arts uniform and attempted the boards with out breaking them and then I felt I was ready.

Every one and everything was lined up just perfectly. I took a deep breathe and went for it. Running from half way across the room and jump over three students, I broke the boards with a loud crack. As I came down on my base foot or the leg I put most of weight on, I felt a snap and a feeling of sharp pain as my knee cap moved sideways. Coming down from the kick and board holder I fell back wards landing on my back and gripping my knee. I couldn’t hear anything but my own heart racing and breathe catch. Two students picked me up and as I went to stand up I felt my knee cap snap back, I let out a howl of pain as tears began to stream down my face of embarrassment and pain. One of my instructors called my parents as the other tended to me icing my injury as to counter any swelling.

“Well you broke the board though!” said my instructor.

“Hopefully nothing else.” I replied, wiping my tears.

My parents took me urgent care where the doctor on duty determined a slight tear on my tendons surrounding my knee cap. I had to do some exercises to strengthen them. Until I was fully healed I would have to be on crutches for 6 to 8 weeks.  I hobbled from class to class while at school and hobbled to taekwondo not knowing what I was going to do with my training.

Any injury is hard. It could be must worse, I kept telling myself. I may not be at my 100% after this but my spirit will be stronger. I think back to this injury from time to time when I am feeling blue and I remind myself that its not as bad. I am strong and I will continue to become stronger with any challenge I face.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Kick with the smile blog! I post these blogs every Tuesday!

Keep keeping and smiling!- TJ Banski

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