Kick with the Smile: Tournaments

Kick with the Smile: Tournaments

Tournaments are where the young, old, women and men come to compete and earn trophies for their sweet skills in taekwondo as well as make friends from other school. A chance to learn from one another and enjoy the comradery. They are very similar to promotion in a way. One is graded on how well one performs a fighting form, sparing matches and board breaking except well you are competing with others of one’s same rank and division.  Students travel miles to be at the tournaments and its an all day event.

One of the tournaments I attended every year was one in Tigard, Oregon. Beautiful drive and one of the largest tournaments in our discipline of taekwondo. It was the most fun and best hosted tournaments. The taekwondo instructor who hosted, is the right hand to the grandmaster and he is super skillful and humble. One of the last tournaments I went there I was new as a black belt to the tournament and I ended up placing in all events as well as the team competition where higher ranking black belt from each individual school did a demonstration of sorts. A crowd pleaser, if you will to show off skills and fun techniques. Our team placed 3rd.

Overall super fun! Watching from the side lines can be pretty enjoyable as well. Rooting on your favorite people and school. Having attended tournaments and been apart of all aspects of one, I definitely want to continue doing it and help out where I can more.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Kick with the smile blog! I post these blogs every Tuesday!

Keep keeping and smiling!- TJ Banski

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