Kitty Blog- Time Flies

Kitty Blog- Time Flies

How time flies! Just looking back I got my kitties almost three years ago and wow, have they grown.

Ziva still very much the curious one has mellowed out since I got her. One of the first days after playing with the laser she knew exactly where the strange speck of light came from and when the shiny speck would come out to play. It’s not so much as a surprise to her anymore. She opens cabinet doors with ease for food and treats. She has me trained by waking me every morning about the same time every day to feed her and evening head and noes boops when I get home from work. Lately, if I sleep in she will cuddle me like a human, putting her paw around me or putting her paw in my hand so I can hold it.  She will cuddle with almost anyone who has been to the house at least three times. If you spell minty she will investigate you and may try to groom you. I keep hearing that when cats get older they become more cuddly. This may be true. At least I hope.

Saber is mellowing out as well. Still very vocal when it comes to feeding time but now when she is wanting attention. She meows, almost panicked like. She is the one that will be attentive of me getting up out of bed. If I am sleeping in she doesn’t like it and will vocalize her distress. If I am writing she will sit on my lap or on my desk and slow blink at me, I suppose trying to get me to stop what I am doing to pay attention. The other day she didn’t want me to leave the couch while I was reading a book she had wedge herself between my legs and anytime I pulled one off to the side her paw would pull my leg back closer to her.

They are a handful at times but soo cute and loveable. Both Ziva and Saber have their moments. Like Ziva, if she is startled she will let you know but farting and walking away. A very you gotta leave the room and fan it out sort of fart. Hence her theme song is and forever will be “Do you have to let it linger.”  Or Saber is who touches my face to wake me up and then claws me. Cute little terrors! Hehe!   I keep hearing that when cats get older they become more cuddly. This may be true. At least I hope.

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Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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