Meooow! Yooowl!

Meooow! Yooowl!

After getting ready for bed and just about to get settled into sleeping after a long day I hear a meowing coming from downstairs. Ziva on the dot starts meowing at 11:20pm. This is not a new occurrence but an almost every night occurrence. Even when Saber was still with us, Ziva would begin her meowing around the same time. It’s more of a yowling sound.  After all, it is night time and that means it’s play time. Cats are nocturnal miniature death fluffs and have a desire to be around you even if you are wanting to sleep and they want to play.

Ziva’s yowling starts out pretty soft then gets increasingly louder. I wasn’t sure if it was a medical thing and at first, I would come out of the room to great her or give her treats or food. She seemed to only quiet down if I played the laser with her. Chasing it up and down the stairs and from one end of the living room to the other. I decided to look it up. “Why does my cat yowl at night?” I found an interesting blog on “Night Calling” by Canidae. It gave me a bit more insight into what could be the issue. After a vet visit, we found she is just wanting me to come play with her. It was suggested in the blog and by the vet to let her use up some energy by playing before I go to bed and she would stop.

Slowly but surely playtime became a part of our evening ritual and now she doesn’t yowl as often at night. Well, that is if she isn’t looking for more of my attention. Silly kitty, please I need to sleep!


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Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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