More Views? How?

More Views? How?

One of my more recent followers had asked this question and I really didn’t do it justice in a small reply back.

How is in the world do I get more views on my blog? Like many posts on this matter before me I got 5 different methods to get more views. The combination of them will get you great results!

  1. Variety: Write not just on your niche but change it up with something else. Like something your learned that week, experiences, how too. (This blog to come on topics to write on!) Thursdays seem to be my variety day where I post all sorts of things.
  2. Start with your friends and family. They are your support group, the core group you get feed back from. If they support you, you are golden. They read your blog, they tell their friends, who tell their friends, etc, etc and so on and so forth! The best way to spread the word.
  3. Share, like or comment on others work, blogs, art etc. This is the best way to network and learn from one another. Why not? If you really like someone’s post tell them so, give them some unique feedback ( if any) and soon you will be chatting back and forth about your stories. This method I feel isn’t as popular but it’s great. It takes time, I set a side 15 minutes to go through blogs, read and like, share and comment on.
  4. Set up ads: Setting up ads on your other social medias to gain clicks and views on your blog. Depending on your social media choosing, for me I use Facebook and Twitter to get my blogs seen by a bigger audience. You will need to set up an on going ad that will gain you clicks and views on your site on Facebook as well as your blog. This costs a little, as little as $3 a day but it’s worth it. Once you have a targeted audience in mind, set up the ad and let the clicks and views begin.
  5. Post consistently, post often. For me I post three times a week. This is what I can do with my time I have. If I have a fun update I do that too. Posting consistently gives your audience something to look forward to. Like watching your favorite TV show. “Next week on TJ Banski!” Lolz!

If I missed any, and I’m sure there are more, comment below! Happy blogging!

Keep kicking and smiling! -TJ Banski

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