My First LIVE Stream Q & A Session

My First LIVE Stream Q & A Session

Q &A’s are a fun way to connect with your community and audience. It’s all about preparation and timing! Here are my results and what I learned.

On December 4th I did my first live stream on Facebook.

It was a little nerve-racking but I think I handled it well. I had it during the middle of the day, a time I had available and about 9 people viewed it and I got alike. A few hours beforehand I prepped some questions, just in case. The Q & A lasted a half-hour.

Things I did well:

Eye contact– it’s important to have enough eye contact with the camera or audience.

Being myself: Authentically you. Answer questions you want to answer and go from there.

Set Timer: I asked if one of my friends could watch me and time the event. At the 5 minute mark, before I wanted the Q&A to end, they messaged me. That way I could include some shameless plugs and thank the audience for watching.

Things I learned:

Choose a later time in the day to get more views- which could lead to more likes and questions.

Make more announcements leading up to the Q and A: I think I did a month out and a few days out but that’s about it. Next time I will go for an announcement once a week before and then for every day for five days before.

For your viewing pleasure check out the video link below!

Q&A video!

Big thank you to those who did watch! I know in the future what to do for next time and excited to try another Q & A soon!

Keep Kicking and Smiling! – TJ Banski


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