National Humor Month

National Humor Month

“A guy walked into a bar… Ouch!”

Humor, laughter, jokes!

Humor is the best medicine for a hurting heart, a healer for any pain. Even in a person’s darkest moment, you can find humor. Its all on how one sees it.

I love laughing. I laugh the most with good friends and family over the silliest things. Like one time my family and I were watching Rocket Man, a hilarious family film of a scientist first time in space where things don’t go according to place on his trip to Mars.  I have never seen my grandparents laugh so hard. So hard to the point, we had to take them out of the room so they can find their inhaler to breathe again. My cousins and I were crying with laughter. It could have been all the sugar from my grandma’s sweet rice cakes but totally worth the fun and laughter!

Laughing a lot of the time can turn to tears if I laugh too hard. Or to a point where I can’t breathe properly. I think humor through stories are great ways to spread the laughter as they say.

We could all use a good laugh!

What are the corniest jokes you’ve heard? What are some punny-funny jokes you’ve heard? Love to hear about them! Share a fun, funny story! Comment below!

Keep Kicking and Smiling!- TJ Banski

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