On The Go…

On The Go…

Golly it’s been forever since I posted. At first I thought it was my scheduling of posts then I realized I have been busy. Mentally busy.

Since Covid-19 and lock down began I have had some time to really dig deep into what makes me tick. Learning about financial investments has given me a fun to focus on primarily real estate. More to come on that. On top of learning new things I hit a wall in my creativity. I was having a creative block. Because I was learning so much, implementing it became second nature and logging the journey well not so much. I realize when I focus in I loose sight of other things. And then well with not seeing much of my friends or family during this time took a toll on my mentally.

Sure, we have social media and webinars but nothing beats a warm hug and face to face conversation. To over come this I have been keeping busy. In keeping busy my mind fills up and then a block of sorts happens. Not sure what the technical term would be but you kinda get the picture.

Posting will begin again for sure but not as often as I would like. I gotta get my juices flowing and provide you the reader with better content. This I am working on and as a writer I can only get better with the more I write. Thank you for following!

Hope you are all well! Keep kicking and smiling! -TJ Banski

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