One Year Ago Today

One Year Ago Today

Exactly one year ago today, marks the one year I decided to start my blog and do something with my passion- writing. Prior to that life changing decision I had tinkering with the idea. I didn’t know where to start. I had been researching and get me into a routine to find what I truly enjoyed.

June of last year I had discovered a different perspective in life and it really opened my eyes to possibilities. It was called the secret. Ask, believe, receive what ever your heart’s desire. So began my journey to train my mind to focus on what I wanted. Focusing on positive thinking and actions, rather then dwelling on the past and being stuck. I knew the how would come, I just wasn’t sure when. I began researching other bloggers, the tools they used to make their blogs successful and interviewed a few of them. “The first step was to just set one up and go from there.”

That September day, after pacing back and forth, writing out all the pros and cons and what ifs- I did it. I started my blog. TJ Banski- Living life with a kick and smile. It has been a rush. I have experienced so many fun and exciting things and what better way to share it than to write about it.

Coming soon- picture blogs, more experience and short stories. Stay tuned!

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Keep kickin’ and smiling!- TJ Banski

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