Overcome and Conquer!

Overcome and Conquer!

A late-night poetry writing session brought to light this concept. Enjoy!

Overcome and conquer!
The darkness is creeping up
Thoughts of doubt and failure trickle in
There seems to be no clear path
Just fog, chaos and despair
Break the cycle of overwhelming
Stressful feelings
Insert gratitude, kindness and honesty
Reach out, ask for help
Assist someone else
Light will shine through
Restoring ones faith
That anything can be achieved
And a path will be revealed
Overcome the will to doubt
To fear, or be overwhelmed
Take a breath
Shift the mind
Focus on the tasks at hand
One step at a time
Face the day with courage
Determination and happiness
Conquer your life!

-TJ Banski

Keep Kicking and Smiling! -TJ Banski

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