Pet Intros

Pet Intros

I didn’t know I was a cat person till I got one. I grew up with dogs all my life. So much energy and ready for anything. A constant best friend. Having moved in with my roommate we wanted to get an animal that was okay with us being away for a day or two and still be okay. Of course, we have the family check on them but still. So we decided to get a cat. Not just one but two!


Ziva is my black kitty, birthday Christmas gift. So smart, curious, friendly, a bit clumsy and loves to cuddle. Black cats are awesome! Favorite places, under blankets between my legs, sink, coat closet, and up in the entertainment center. Things: hugs you while i the kitchen and just out of the shower. Nip and treat lover. Playing with pens, hair ties, and nip turtle.


Sabre is my tiger strapped kitty. We got her in the summertime. She was skittish at first but easily warmed up to whoever was feeding her first. She is very adorable, cuddly, vocal and needy. Loves feathers and lasers. Favorite place anywhere you are, and places up high. Love chasing after treats and stuffed animals.


At first, they did not get along but after some coaxing and a week of separation and feeding them at the same time they get along alright. It is just about springtime and it should be interesting seeing them react to all the different birds and creatures that pass by the window. Its been fun and crazy to say the least with these two cute cuddlers.

What kind of pets do you have?

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