Politically Savvy

Politically Savvy

This I am not. It was just this year someone had asked by about this upcoming election. “Who are you voting for?” My stomach tightens as I felt I was being attacked. I honestly didn’t know how to answer this question because I hadn’t been keeping up with anything to do with politics. It’s plastered all over the news on the constant bashing of one candidate or the other. How in the world am I to decide if I don’t know anything about them? What do they want for the country? What would that even mean for me? My community? The state I live in? A lot of these questions arose and I felt overwhelmed just talking to that person.

 I do know, we, USA, are divided as a country in a variety of ways. Politics being one. Left or right-wing? Republican or Democrat? Does it really matter in the long run? I ask this only because I was made aware that this year is a pretty big year. 2020. A lot of changes have been made to our everyday life that deals in the realm of politics and health. I know I am not savvy but I do know this. If I don’t vote my voice will not be heard. Though it may be lost in the sea of others if I don’t say anything nothing will be done about it. What I love about this country we have the freedom to choose our religion, our political party, or our lifestyle. We have the freedom to say the things we need to. By voting, I feel it’s my civilian duty to the very least input what I want this country to be. Things I have considered in regards to voting.

Doing My Own Research

Not what the news or media tells me but doing my due diligence in the topics of politics that interest me and know the economic windfalls and downfalls for changes I want to see happen. Looking at history and what regulations were set in place to help or hurt the American people. Talking to people on both sides of the argument on topics I find interesting. Then making up my own mind on said topic or person I am going to vote for.

I use unfiltered internet browsers. Example: Duck Duck Go. Easy searches and topics to be found. If you find other sources please drop them in the comments below I’ll be sure to check them out.

Choosing a Candidate

Choose a candidate that best represents or follow through with my interests at heart. Of course, this includes further research in what current and previous actions taken by the candidates in question for any position of the government. Not based on how they say things but what they do or did. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Agree to disagree.

My family is pretty uninterested when it comes to politics. We don’t want to talk about at family functions. But honestly, it should be talked about. If we disagree it’s okay. We can still be friends and family by focusing on what we do have in common and what we want to see happen. Even if we have totally different political views, it’s okay. Discuss, get all points out there and come to a joint solution. If only it were that easy.

This next month is going to be an interesting one as the presidential candidate’s debate over topics the American people want to hear about and their solutions to it. Should be interesting. For those of you who are considering not voting, please reconsider. Your voice is important. Even if you vote for another party or different from the two parties presented in the two heading political parties, vote.

Every voice should be heard. Why not yours?

Keep kicking and smiling! TJ Banski

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