Pre-plan for Vacations

Pre-plan for Vacations

Spring Break is just around the corner. Vacations to stay in-state or go out are yet to be planned.

Did you know the average cost of a vacation for a family of four is about $4600? This includes food, airfare, hotels, and activities. Crazy right? Best to plan ahead of time on what kind of vacation..


Tips for planning a vacation getaway:

  • Plan ahead of time 3-6 months when booking tickets or making travel arrangements. This gives you time to save up for spending money on the trip. Hotel and rental car? Events or tickets to theme parks? Plan ahead to enjoy your time.
  • Shop around for good deals: a lot of the travel web sites have some great ideas and coupons/discounts. Remember to refresh your browser’s cookies to continuously get the lower rates. The rates seem to go up every time you revisit the site, so be sure to refresh!
  • Rates change daily: some rates for flights are cheaper than others during the weekday than on the weekend. Adjust your travel plan accordingly to get the best rates for flights and hotels.
  • Set aside spending money from each month before your travel dates
  • Set a daily spending budget: this can include food if need be, but definitely money for souvenirs and/or activities.
  • Create an itinerary: an hourly one or a flexible one. Depending on who you are traveling with or what events are happening. Make your itinerary your own.
  • Check your passport: traveling out of the country? Double-check when your passport expires and get it reissued as soon as possible.

A week or two before the trip:

  • Pack only what you need- this depends on where you are going. Warmer weather, maybe, bring a light jacket for when it cools off, cooler weather, bring gear for chilly destinations.
  • Arrange for your pet to be watched and cared for while you are away: a trusted family member or friend.

Day of Travel Reminders:

  • Wear comfortable and easy to remove shoes and jackets.
  • Keep tickets, passports, ID, and cash in a handy easy to open pocket or bag. Keep it close to you.
  • Bring some entertainment: phone with music or movies downloaded, tablet, book, and/or notebook.
  • Get there with plenty of time before the flight. Never know what delays may happen. TSA pulls you aside to search you, traffic, parking, etc.
  • Oh and relax! Once you get to where you are going enjoy!

What do your next vacation plans look like?

Keep kicking and smiling!- TJ Banski

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