The more I get to know myself the more I know what I like and don’t like and need to change. One that has really stood out to me is how I spend my time and energy. I like spending time with my friends and family. I like working on my passions, writing and going on adventures. Now, when it comes to drama and other crazy emotional roller coasters I find I get drained quickly if I have no breaks in between. Life is funny like that. Sometimes multiple things will hit all at once.  It takes me a while to recharge and tackle it again. I think it’s because I want to solve the issues instantly. Of course, issues can’t be solved so quickly but in time, 60% of most scenarios. To recharge my energy levels I do these few things:

Space– separate me from the situation. By doing this I give myself a different vantage point to revisit the situation from a different angle.

Listen to upbeat music– music quickly gets me into a better mood if I am feeling down. I dance and sing out loud in the comfort of my own living room and just have fun. Be silly.

Write it out– I tend to write down the pros and cons to situations and/or major decisions I need to make. This helps me sort out my thought and makes it more tangible to manage. Plus writing it out helps me sleep at night. It’s out on paper and not stuck looming in my head all night or day. I then write down possible solutions. What could I do about it? How can I make it better or worse?

Go for a walk– walks are great. Being out in nature and realizing I am a part of something bigger makes me feel recharged. I don’t have to handle this alone or should. Walking gets me moving and get me thinking of more possible outcomes and solutions.

Building a fort– blanket fort or tree fort whichever but a fort of some kind, a place to sit, think and feel sheltered or safe for even a moment. Forts for me were a go to when I was little. A way to get away in my own imagination.

Babysitting or mentoring younger kids– kids are great. They look at life very simply and sometimes that’s what we need to just have it be simple. Plus they have such great ideas, blunt, sometimes brutal but great ideas. Lolz. One time while babysitting my younger cousin, I was looking frustrated. I had explained I was having drama with an old friend. My younger cousin was 4  years old at the time. “I don’t like seeing you sad TJ, don’t be their friend anymore,” he said without even looking up from the toy he was playing with. Simple. Sometimes it takes a different vantage point to see how simple it could be.

Going on adventures with friends– this is probably my favorite. Going on road trips and seeing new places helps me recharge. New place, new insights and good feels. When I feel low on energy I like to go to the beach.

These are just a handful was ways I recharge. What are some ways you recharge and tackle situations?

Keep kicking and smiling!- TJ Banski

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