Results: My 1st Free eBook Download Week

Results: My 1st Free eBook Download Week

As a first of many, I think my first free eBook download week was pretty successful. Fans downloaded 25 copies of my eBook! A small milestone but a milestone no less! WOO! All things great things in time! Learning to get the word out there and scheduling things has been an interesting hurdle. I am happy to have done it!

Why I wrote it:

I wanted to create a short guide to help those get a foundation on how to set goals. Growing up, I had a small inkling on what it really took to achieve the great of the greatest accomplishments. As I got older, I discovered more habits and found more resources on how to really get the ball rolling. So I provided a short summarized guide to setting goals. It is meant for readers of all ages and diversities and I wanted it to be simple and easy to follow. I am sure to have an extended version in the future.

What I have learned:

  • Plan well ahead– I did this two week in advance but I think I should have taken a month to plan
  • Post frequently and often about it: I really like using the different Facebook story feature to get my message out there. It helped and I could include other content in it as well. At first, I felt I could be annoying and promoting my ebook all the time, then I thought how does one get sales? Talk about it!
  • Reach out to more family and friends to help promote it: I only told my parents and few friends and some extended family lol. I probably should have told more. That way I could get more downloads.

If you want a copy of my eBook check out this link!

For all Kindle Unlimited members, it is FREE! Regular price $2.99 on Amazon!

Thank you for your support and kudos! Let me know what you think of it!

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Keep Kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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