Simple Acts

Simple Acts

This one time as a cashier…

My first job was a cashier. Black Friday and the holiday season I had only heard rumors on how back they could be. People trampling over one another to get the last item of the shelf. Children getting lost or kidnapped in stores. Messes left beyond measure of unfolded clothing and unstraightened merchandise. The mere thought of it never daunted on me until I experienced it first hand. It was the winter of 2005 and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season were in full swing. The decorations, the music, the holiday cheer.

I was only working part-time but this time of year the store was open much later. I helped several families with large amounts of gifts. Most anyone who came through my line knew I was a pretty speedy cashier and could sell you the latest credit card. The shift I worked was prime after dinner so there were tons of customers coming in and out of the store. After a short lull, I went to straighten a few things on the racks and I had an elderly couple come up to me and ask me to be their personal shopper.

They were the cutest couple. They were shopping for their granddaughter was about my age and size and they wanted to find the perfect outfit. It warmed my heart that could help them find such a gift. Their granddaughter liked a lot of the same styles I did so it was easy to find an outfit grandma and grandpa found appropriate. We found a couple accessories as well to go along with the outfit. It wasn’t until later when I was ringing them up they told me that their granddaughter had cancer and that this may be their last Christmas they get to spend with her. I didn’t know what to say. I hugged them both and said “I’m sure she appreciates everything you have given her and more. I know I would.” A few months went by and the same elderly couple back into the store this time with their granddaughter. They introduced us. She felt super grateful I had helped them find an outfit to make her feel pretty while she was going through treatment and now was cancer free.

Moral of the story you never know who you are going to meet and change their life in your everyday occurrence so make every interaction great.

Simple acts of kindness and being a good listener goes a long way.

Happy Holiday! Keep kicking and smiling! -TJ Banski

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