Sit Awhile

Sit Awhile

I wrote this poem a while ago sitting a moment after meditating one morning. Enjoy!

Come, sit awhile

Close your eyes

Take a deep breathe and listen

What do you hear?

What do you feel inside?

What do you smell?

What does the cushion or chair you sit on feel like?


Did you notice just then?

Your heartbeat?

How it thumps in your chest?

Or the chair you sit in

how soft or hard it is?

Try taking it all in

The sensation of being present

Did you hear the clock ticking on the wall?

Or the tingling feeling in your fingertips?

The temperature in the room

Cool or warm?

The thoughts that wander in and out of your head

About your bills, your expenses, your worries, your fears

Let them go.

Focus on here and now

What can you do about those things?

Solutions- that’s it!

Keep your mind on solutions

Only in the moments of sitting still

One can truly know where to go from here

-TJ Banski

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Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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