“Stop Holding Yourself Back!”

“Stop Holding Yourself Back!”

Stop holding yourself back- the vlog

When I was younger I never really did that. Hold my self back. Except for when it came to new things. Riding my bike for the first time. It took me a while to take off those training wheels and be confident enough to move forward without them. When it came to climbing trees and reaching that higher branch to get up there and actually see the view.

I suppose it was more physical aspects that really kind of hindered me from moving forward. As far as like academically it was just kind of like okay cool I hit I got an “A” on this other test or I got an “A” on this assignment what else can I move forward in. So it really didn’t matter, at least in my mind, where I would be mentally I just kept pushing myself forward. Now with other things, it may have been because I didn’t want to fail. That was probably with the biggest thing that was holding me back all those years.  I wanted to be perfect. I wanted to be on top of my game. I wanted to reach above and pull that goal right towards me. It was really unhealthy. I didn’t realize that wanting to be perfect, hindered me even more so.

Here are a few things that I did for myself to kind of get myself out of that mindset of not of holding myself back from reaching my goals.

Changing Up My Routine:

In the morning I started my morning routine which would be wake up do some stretches do some yoga, meditate a little bit, get some reading done, get ready for work then get some writing done. The change-up in routine for me really helped. Not only did that help, I felt prepared my next steps, what I wanted to do with my blog and what I wanted to do with my YouTube video. It prepared me for everything else that will happen in the future.

Create a New Habit:

With all those different routines that I did, it was slowly creating a habit for myself every morning wake up at a certain time, get up be ready, be energized, and go into the day head up, feeling strong, and confident.  Creating those different habits different exercise routines, making sure when I did meditate like really just focus in and not fall asleep. That really helped me keep on track with a positive mindset and I could see the progression.

Guided Meditations:

In the morning I would listen to Tony Robbin’s morning meditation and it helps with your breathing it helps also focus your mindset on. Not only on things that you were grateful for but future events and what you want as a person. In the evening I would listen to various ones before going to sleep so like increasing self-confidence, as well as gaining more intelligence. Different meditations tailored to the things that I wanted to work on as a person. The guided meditations definitely helped with just kind of refocusing my mind on where I wanted to go and where I wanted to be.

Those are the three things that I’ve done for myself all I can say is it’s a different journey for everyone. This journey can be taken so many different ways. If you decide to just skip two of these or skip one of these, go for it! It’s something that you want for yourself. Stop holding yourself back. Push forward keep going for your goals and just go for it! There’s nothing like the present! Who’s gonna do it? You got to do it!

What is something that’s holding you back right now?

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Keep Kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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