Strange Whispers

Strange Whispers

A fun tale, I heard throughout grades school around this time of year as a funny creepy Halloween story. So many versions I have heard to this tale. Now a TJ Banski version.

A long time ago and a small town there was a very beautiful house with a white picket fence and a very happy family of three, Father Drew, Mother Margret and their little boy- Dennis. Nancy was the neighborhood baby sitter and had heard about the cute little house but had never been inside. She had seen Dennis play in the yard by himself but never with friends. One day Margaret hired Nancy to come baby sit. She entered the home. Looking about it was very tidy, not a spot of dust or decoration out of place.

“Now Nancy, Dennis bed time is 9pm. Please make sure gets to bed and make sure he doesn’t have any snacks.”

“Oh right, will do. You have nothing to worry about.” replied Nancy looking about. “Where’s Dennis?”

“Thanks again we will see you soon.” said Margaret shutting the door abruptly behind her as Drew and her hurriedly along on their date.

Alone in the living room Nancy made her self comfortable and began reading her favorite spy novels by Tom Clancy.

As Nancy turned the pages in her novel, time seemed to fly by. As she stretched on the couch to peak that time she heard a small giggle.

“Dennis?” she got up from the couch and looked about the room. Dennis wasn’t around. She began to sit down again and heard a small giggle again followed by a gravely voice “Gotach where I want you, now I’m gonna eat you.”

Nancy’s eyes widened, she heart leapt. “Dennis! Come on down lets make cookies together!” yelled Nancy at the bottom of the stairs looking up at the empty hall. She took a few steps up.

“Gotcha where I want you now I’m gonna eatcha.” There was the gravely voice again. Nancy shook her head. Its my imagination.

“Come on Dennis this isn’t funny!”

Again, “Gotcha where I want you now I’m gonna eatcha.” echoed down the hall. Nancy was just outside of what looked to be Dennis’ room. Toys scattered around on the ground but no Dennis. She opened the door slowly.


“Now, I’m gonna eatcha!!” the voice now much closer. Her heart raced, her palms sweaty. Rolling up her sleeves she swung the door to the closet open and there was Dennis, picking his nose. “Gotcha where I want ya, now I’m gonna eatcha” He smiled with glee. The End

Thank you again from reading! This tale is fun around the campfire where someone can come up from behind the ones listening and scare them. Let me know how you liked it. Short and sweet! Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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