Midnight poetry from yours truly. Perhaps, I am a night owl.


Success isn’t a straight and level path
There are valley’s, mountains and sometimes oceans to cross
Keep the goal and the reason stored in you heart
It will be challenged as life throws obstacles your way
Success isn’t easy
It’s climbing over mental boulders
Crashing through thick walls of doubt, fear, and anxiety
Overthrowing negative self talk, thoughts of others and comfort zones
Success isn’t for the weak
It’s getting the door slammed in your face “no”
Over and over
but still willing to get up and give it another go
Learning from failures or bad decisions
Reaching out for guidance and help
Success comes from when you are calm
The reason you want success isn’t because
You need it to survive it’s for empowering yourself,
Family, friends and the world
Success fills you with self worth and confidence, yes
Also begins a building block to help others reach their goals
To be successful one much over come themselves to help others
It begins within ones self and radiates outward
Success can change you and how you view the world
It opens you to possibilities and opportunities
and that if they can do it, so can you

-TJ Banski

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Keep kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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