The Chitters of Ziva

The Chitters of Ziva

I have never owned a cat before I got Ziva, my black kitty. One brisk spring morning I was drinking my tea and reading on the couch when on the window sill behind me Ziva sat watching the birds fly into a small tree in the back yard about five feet away from the window. Ziva directly behind me started making this strange throat noise I had never heard before. Her ears up and very alert, her growing black pupils focused, her breathing intensifies as she watches the little chickadees jump from branch to branch. She made the strange noise again and looked at her oddly. She sounded like a bird, maybe she was imitating them, I thought.

I did a little research and apparently during spring is when kitty cats and other animals become “twitter paitted” as Thumper from Disney’s Bambi would put it. That was exactly it, she wants to hunt them. The best way to attract prey is to mimic something the prey would be intrigued with. She was imitating their calls to get them closer to the window. Possibly pounce on them. But there was no way I would let her out of the house. I am happy we live in a place with large windows where she can watch the birds. I feel somewhat bad she can’t go out and play but I live really close to a busy road.

After a while from going from window to window Ziva naps in the light of the sun until she hears more tweets from little birds in the yard.

Have you heard a cat or your cat’s chitter before?

Keep kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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