The Flu Poem

The Flu Poem

No one likes to be sick with the flu. The other week the sickness hit me like a ton of brick. A combination of stress and anxiety consumed me and my body said enough is enough. “You need to rest!” As I was resting I wrote this poem! Enjoy!


A tickle in my throat.

A raw sand paper feel anytime I swallow

and my oral glands rub together.

A sniffle only in one nostril

soon to be fill with green and yellow snot

of many textures and levels of goo.

The aches that spread from the chest

and out to each limb,

penetrating to any joint and muscle in its wake.

A sweat that sticks to any blanket or wash cloth

A feeling of burning from the inside out

That you have to take off clothing to

Restore any sort of comfortable temperature state

Usually one sock off and a hoodie on with one sleeve rolled up

A cough that rumbles each rib

Inhaling a gurgle of a phlegm monster rustling

My body saying it’s time to rest

to reset and start a new.

It has past for any sign of subtly

and now it is forcing me

to slow down and unwind.

With this thing called the flu.

-TJ Banski

Keep kicking and smiling!- TJ Banski

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