The Journey To Find Her Voice

The Journey To Find Her Voice

A midnight writing led to this poem, enjoy! Keep kicking and smiling! -TJ Banski

Journey to finding her voice:

She didn’t know when it left

That tiny voice inside her head

She wandered near and far in search of it

Leaving no stone unturned

No tree unclimbed.

She then came upon a new fork in the road

One of great valleys and mountains

The other straight and narrow.

Her heart said take the first

Fear said “no the second.

Better to be safe than sorry”

She shook her head, spun about

and where ever she pointed

would be her route.

“No, no, the second is for certain” Fear egged her on.

“But there is more beyond the mountains,” said her heart

“Some thing grand I know!”

Curious of the first, that had beautiful views

She stomped her foot and made her way

toward the path with the mountains

And the valleys far below

What sights she saw, what adventures she faced

She even met others along the way.

They too had lost their voices,

They too sought a way.

More forks in the road came

Some companions came and went

But she stayed true on that windy path.

Many a moons went by when finally she came to end of the her trail

And there her tiny voice now big and strong

“You found me” it said

“Thank goodness you came.

Please, don’t ever go away.”

“What do you mean?” she replied to her dismay.

Tilting her head in the most peculiar way.

“You left me at the first fork in the road when you lost your way.”

“I’m here now” she said. “I found you

and I will never regret on how I got you back.”

-TJ Banski

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