The Kick with the Smile: Practice, Practice, Practice

The Kick with the Smile: Practice, Practice, Practice

Early morning or late evenings I would practice taekwondo. Even after an evening lesson. I wanted to stretch a bit further and sharpen the kick or technique I learned. I figured the more times I practiced the more proficient I would get at it. Sure, there were days I didn’t want to practice. If I skipped a time, I would feel off for the rest of the day. I would feel like something was missing. “I missed practice. I have to do that when I get home.” I would say to myself after an off day.

I would practice my fighting forms in all directions, with my eyes closed, from beginning to end and end to beginning. When it came to kicks I would kick low to high imagining several targets to hit. To help with my balance I would kick in all directions without putting my leg down to rest.  Fun exercises like that motivated me to continue and soon an hour or two would pass and I would have to get ready for dinner or bedtime.  There was a point where I was going to the gym three times a week, the martial arts studio four times a week and running once a week. When I was first learning and adjusting to breaking boards I bruised my ankle so badly I could walk properly for two weeks. Some say I was a little too dedicated but I loved it. Practicing to get better at a craft is worth it. Once you find your craft, your passion, perfect it in the best possible way you know how to and can.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Kick with the smile blog! I post these blogs every Tuesday!

Keep keeping and smiling!- TJ Banski

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