The Search

The Search

Spring rain brings interesting poetry to mind. I wanted to write something motivating, something inspiring and this came up. Enjoy!

The Search:

Enough is enough

Disgusted, put out and diswayed

A tired soul searching for peace and serenity

Where does it begin to look?

Embrace what makes it whole

Happiness in the simple things

It hungers for passion

Significance and growth

Come with me, take a breath

Search your heart and mind

Remember why you are here

Remember you are worth more than all those tears

You are worth more than the anger in your heart

Or the guilt that weighs you down

You are a creator of your world, your life

No matter what happens it will work out right

Keep looking up, bright eyes

Keep steady on your course

The only one who holds you back is you

Not your friends, family or those strangers

You are the key to your future

Let it unfold

Keep going keep searching

You’ll find your gold

Happiness is there, it’s all around

It begins in your heart

Right where gratitude starts


-TJ Banski

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