Tiny Elephants

Tiny Elephants

Ever since I was five years old, I have collected elephant figurines. Porcelain, ceramic and jade elephants. This obsession, if you will, began when I saw a baby elephant at the zoo. Small happy little elephant with its mom playing in the water. My love of elephants deepened when I watched the Disney Movies Dumbo and The Jungle Book. I liked their floppy big ear and their trumpet noise they would make. Of course, when I asked my parents if I could have an elephant of my own they talked me down into getting a dog instead. The first elephant I received was from mom after I got all high marks on my first report card.

Each figurine has distinct characteristics and is apart of sets. In many Asian cultures when the elephants truck is up it means good look. Of course, I have heard the opposite from time to time and I like to think when their trunk is up they are happy. I would display them along with my bookshelves in my room and along shelves along the ceiling of my room. Some of my favorites I kept down to decorate my desk and dresser. Everywhere I looked in my room, were my happy tiny elephants.

Having moved a bit, I had to keep most of them in storage but have a few around the house as decorative lovely items. The box that holds them is four feet by two feet by two feet. I would have more but again I don’t have a place at the moment to put them. A while back I considered getting rid of them but couldn’t due to the strong emotional connection with each figurine. You see, each of the tiny elephants is a gift from family and friends. They were given to me on birthdays, holidays, and/or special occasions. I couldn’t possibly think of parting with them. They are very special to me. No, I haven’t named all of them. Lolz. I didn’t name them. They weren’t dolls! Geez! Hehe 🙂 The first elephant I received was from mom after I got all high marks on my first report card.

I hope someday to have a full room of these tiny elephants or a display case to showcase them all. If and when I pass on I would like to give them to my family and friends so they too can display one or two of them around and think of me.

What do you collect? I hope you all enjoyed this post!

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Keep kicking and smiling! – TJ Banski

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