Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party

Creating the perfect holiday party can be rather stressful. Its all about the planning and making sure things go according to plan. Some things to keep in mind. Some things to keep in mind.

When sending out invites:

Give guests plenty of time to respond back to your invite. 3 weeks at minimum for a party that way they have plenty of time to see if they have plans.

Ask if anyone has any food allergies. That way you can prepare to either make a few dishes that are dietarily restricted.

During the party:

Play a fun game: to keep festivities going play a fun game ad murder mystery or who done it sort of game to keep conversations fun.

Keep conversations light: no topics that would upset your guests. Keep the conversation light, if they do want to talk about controversial topics keep it light-hearted.

Refreshments accessible: easy to get to like punch or soda or other bubbly drinks. Near or around the dining area. 

Set out appetizers: Just in case the main course isn’t ready. Gotta keep those rumbling tummies happy.

What are some tips that you have for hosting the perfect holiday party?

Keep kicking and smiling- TJ Banski

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