Treat Puzzle Boxes

Treat Puzzle Boxes

Treat boxes and puzzles have been something I was looking into for Ziva – my black kitty cat, for quite some time. She has quite an inquisitive mind and tends to get into things or attempt to communicate what she wants. More Treats! Every Friday I set her on a treasure hunt. She knows as soon as put her in the bathroom with a treat or two she is ready to be released to explore the hiding places I hid those delicious morsels. She prefers the meow mix tiny treats. She loves the hunt it’s one of her favorite things then after she grooms and falls fast to sleep. I wanted to incorporate a treat puzzle box. I started researching the best type and brand and came upon Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play Cat Toy and bought it off of Chewy. It’s a level 2 difficulty, intermediate, but by only supplying a few treats at a time it leaves room for more ways to surprise Ziva.

When I hide a treat in a more difficult part of the box, she tries it a few times, leaves, explores, and comes back to it later. She is on alert when I put treats in her puzzle box and while is she distracted I hide a few more treats throughout the house. This is wonderful for curious cats and stimulates their natural foraging instincts. It’s entertaining for her as it is me. She surprises me with how quickly she can solve a puzzle. I may have to upgrade to a different kind of puzzle box soon. Any suggestions?

Check out Chewy for some great deals on puzzle boxes or make your own! Fun for Cats and Dogs!

Is your pet a curious one? Try a treat/food puzzle box!

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Keep Kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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