Welcome Fall!

Welcome Fall!

Pretty color changing leaves, sweaters, and hot cocoa weather. Here in the Pacific Northwest, our fall consists of lots of grey, rain and some sun breaks and a wet cold. It may feel at times like the cold is trying to bury itself into your very bones but I can assure you it’s just cold. The last few years I would be pretty discouraged with the fall comes winter and well. “Winter is coming!” This doesn’t always mean snow but just rain. Lots of rain. Sure I could focus on how I can’t go out as much. Or can I? To make an appoint to actually go out in the rain and get things done, go do things and see the people is going to my biggest thing to strive for this fall and winter. Not just read more but go and do things I normally wouldn’t in fall or winter. Why not? Bundle up, wear my rain boots and head out. Life isn’t just going to stop because it rains or pours outside. Life keeps going, so will I. Here are some things I plan to do this fall to keep me going.

  • Read– Curl up on the couch and read a book listen to some instrumental music and just get lost in my own world.
  • Write– this is a normal happening for me but writing down the goals I want to achieve this fall and winter.
  • Get together with friends and hold games nights- weekly my friends and I have game night, playing new and old video or board games. We get a little competitive and have fun.
  • Bake– baking is fun for me. Cookies and bread, so I could bring them to work or give away as gifts.
  • Take pictures or do an indoor photo shoot with friends– super random but it’s fun, get in costume and take fun pictures
  • Hit the gym– this is probably the best time to hit the gym. Get those endorphins flowing and keep on top of a daily routine of going to the gym working out. Or join an aerobics class or dance class something active to do.
  • Tackle a project– remodeling a room or rearranging one is pretty therapeutic and can really change the overall feel when you enter the room.
  • Learn a new skill– for me languages and learning a musical instrument is on my to-do lists.

Be creative- this time of year can slow you down or exhilarate you to head into winter feeling good.

Keep kicking and smiling!- TJ Banski

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