Why Black Cats are SO Awesome!

Why Black Cats are SO Awesome!

Black Cats are SO Awesome!


Ziva is my beautiful black kitty cat. I got her for my birthday one year and she is super smart. Some days I feel she acts more like a human. Here are some fun reasons why black cats are awesome!

  • Black Cats are smart: Ziva learned how to tell me she wanted water by tapping the facet for water. She also can open cabinets, open doors, and play fetch. With treats as a positive enforcement and patience they can learn or sorts of things. I saw a funny gif of a guy who taught his cat to great him with a fist bump.
  • Camoflauged: They are great hunters. Ziva blends in with her surroundings, dark shadows or blankets and sometimes you won’t know she is there until she turns to look at you and all you see is her yellow eyes. When she was little she used to sleep in my long black hair, could find her until you pet my hair.
  • Cleaned up: Ziva always looks like she has silky clean fur. She is super soft to pet and super clean.
  • The purrfect accessory: Black cats go with just about everything. Ziva goes with my furniture, my clothes and window bins. Black goes with everything!
  • So lucky! : I am so lucky to have Ziva, she is a great companion and I feel she has brought me a lot of luck through out the years. The Irish think black cats are lucky too.

August 17th is Appreciate your black cat day! Adopt one and have you own mini black panther! What is your favorite thing about black cats?

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