“You are Enough!”

“You are Enough!”

I was going for an interview the other week and felt doubt creeping up on me. “Am I qualified for this new job?” “Did they pick the right person?” “They may find out I’m an imposter.” I realized that it was that doubt monster creeping up on me. This a monster I fight a lot. I struggle against it because I know deep down I am capable of reaching my goal or anything I set my mind to. It’s something I have to overcome. Here are some says I do that. 

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Four ways to overcome this doubting feeling:

List of accomplishments– things you are proud of what you have done- big or small. Donating clothes, giving money to a stranger, reading to a child, volunteering your time and efforts to a cause. Refer back to this list often and add more to it. Whenever you are feeling down, recall this list to lift your spirits.

Refocus on why you are qualified for the job or task at hand: by focusing on your strengths this can empower you to do a great job at the task or new place of work. Write them out, your strengths and what you are good at.

Listen/watch something motivational: For me listening or watching something motivational inspires me to take action toward my goals.

Affirmations: Self-talk is important. What you tell yourself about your self is important. If you truly believe you are a disorganized person, then you are. You are the one that makes that call. But if you tell yourself you are organized, that you have a plan, you will believe you are heading in the right direction and will become so.

You do deserve to reach your goal and dreams. Keep focused and keep going! You are enough!

Currently, I am working on a coaching program to help those who are struggling or need that extra encouragement to push forth in their dreams. Check out my Fiverr page or coaching page that has more details on my coaching and what I can do to help you.

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Keep Kicking and smiling! –TJ Banski

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  1. Due to evolution, we are wired to always be aware of the negativity around us. Mistakes could cost us our lives in ancient times. Nowadays this is like a curse of use.

    We tend to forget about the good things and lets the negative overshadow everything. Keeping a list of accomplishments and positivty has helped me to keep my feet on the ground and stay more positive in life.
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